Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Exposé of a Fraud

Before you start reading this blog, watch at least the first 10 minutes of the above video - paying close attention to all detail,  reserving particular attention for the protagonist's body language. 

A leading Indian Weekly noted that the person's middle name could be "controversy" - and yet the confounded devotees remain in the dark as to what they are. Each time a wretchedness of this thing comes to light, not willing to accept that they, along with their families, have been utterly fooled, they invent some far-fetched excuse for the person's actions. The purpose of this post is bring facts about the person to the reader's attention. If you have come to think of this person as a deity as hundreds of thousands of confounded, unsuspecting innocents have, it is my sincere hope that you will pay careful attention to the facts; carefully and rationally weigh the evidence and then arrive at your own conclusion.

The so called miracles

 The corner stone of every devotee's belief in this thing is what they call "miracles". In the past few years, dozens of videos have come out bringing to light how this person does all of his so-called miracles. The above video presents to you a few of them - searching with a phrase like 'sai baba fake' on, say,, will take you to a dozen more. Long before many of these videos came out many ex-devotees - many of them in SB's closest circle, published exposes of how the person pulls of his tricks.  Given below is an excerpt from 'The Findings', a document published by two close-circle devotees, authors of three books on SB and whose marriage was conducted by SB.   

"During darshan, Sai Baba carries vibhuti in tablet form between the third and fourth fingers of his right hand, with spare tablets in the hand holding up his robe. He crushes a tablet when required, and transfers tablets during the taking of letters. I have watched this happen innumerable times. "

 "Vibhuti tablets explain why vibhuti distribution runs out in the interview room before everyone has had some. All powder vibhuti is produced by roasting cow dung with sandal wood, and manufactured vibhuti bought elsewhere, is then double sieved by ladies of the ashram seva dal, before being packaged for interview room distribution. Use of vibhuti on open wounds consistently causes infection in them; a fact commented by Faye to me when she was called to deal with people having these infections in the ashram."

'The Findings', which contains testimony from several people who had once held top posts in SB's organization, of  is a document worth studying in its entirety for anyone interested in knowing the truth about the baba.


Now to address the question of how stories of these miracles perpetrate. 


  • SB constantly encourages his devotees, especially innocent, unsuspecting foreigners, to write books praising him. He or people in his close-circle narrate stories, they are further plumped up by the author's own imagination and that gets published. Those who read such stuff believe it and then further spread such stories.
  • There is a major village industry built around this person. Many there, including the police are aware - but they are financially dependent on SB's popularity. The place was once a village, now there is a small godman industry running there. Ensuring SB's popularity is the same for them as ensuring their daily bread. Trinkets engineered to gradually  produce ash on contact with air, fake miracle set-ups to attract tourists are all part of the show. Combine with this the air created by a couple of thousands of sincerely deceived innocents - the smoke screen thus created becomes pretty hard to see through.
  • Then there are stories of miracles in houses etc. In the very majority of cases these are creations of extremely clouded minds . 
  • Further, what these spiritually ignorant people fail to understand is supernatural powers do not, in any way mean divinity. Absolute demons can have minor supernormal abilities, through which they can confound people's thinking, appear in dreams etc. When you pray to such a demon for material benefits - it takes things from your spiritual bodis - weakening you fundamentally and irreversibly, while taking up your energy to ensure its survival. Why do you think it encourages you to keep praying to it? Write letters for material benefits etc? Why do you think it asks you engage in ritual worship to it? The purpose is literally to feed on your spiritual bodies. 
  • Those with Divine abilities can see that the person is, in reality, a python that was brought here from the 17th level of Hell. It retains those elements, of a python, in its wretched appearance even now. Those who pray to it, think of it as their god etc. - will have to go with it to where it came from, upon their death. The entity was brought here to take down those who pray in greed, who see spirituality as a tool for achieving material benefits. etc. That such things can manifest in this period of time is a result of humanity's spiritual degeneration.
  • Those who worship the thing for long will find themselves, psychologically and emotionally being weakened, and physically becoming degenerate - step by step. 

Here I quote a section from a scholarly analysis of the issue, By Prof. Bayerstein, which throws a lot of light on how these stories of miracles are created. A story was spread among devotees of sb that a Mr Cowan was miraculously restored to life by sb.  Mr Cowan's attending physician Dr Vaz was, to put in the doctors own words, 'suprised' that such a story spread - for Mr Cowan never had died and had never even approached death. His letter clarifying can be read below and is extremely interesting.

Chevalier Dr. O.G.C. Vaz, K.S.G., M.B.B.S.,D.G.O.


Mr. B. Premanand,

Dear Sir,

This is in reply to your letter dated 8.7.'88.

Mr. Walter R. Cowan was under my treatment for his illness you refer to from 25th Dec. '71. I was called to see him in the early hours of the morning at the Connemara Hotel. He was complaining of some difficulty in breathing and pain in the chest. He was perfectly conscious in bed. At no stage had I pronounced him dead then or later. I advised him to be admitted to Lady Wellington Nursing Home for observation, investigation and treatment andaccordingly he was admitted there. With medication in the Nursing Home, he showed rapid improvement. That morning Mrs. Cowan requested me whether there was any objection for Sai Baba, his spiritual guru to pray for him in the room for which I said he was most welcome and I was there when Sai Baba was offering prayers. Mr. Cowan was conscious then and also right through.

I am surprised at the story that has gone round that he was dead at the Hotel itself and his dead body was taken for admission to the Lady Willingdon Nursing Home and was admitted there. No Hospital or Nursing Home will ever admit a person after his death and his dead body will not be accepted into the Ward. So the question of my informing the American Embassy or the Health Authorities did not arise at all. As a matter of fact, I had enquiries about him from several persons who came to interview me personally on this subject and who had taped down the interview. They had been emphatically given the correct version that Mr. Cowan was not dead at all at any stage and he also had a normal recovery here.

Yours faithfully,


Dr. Vaz

 A few more issues I'd like you to think about:

  • Why does Sb holds his hand just below the face level of the audience when doing so called creation of ash? Of course, it is to hide the ash-pill from the audience’s view.
  • Why does he cover his face with a cloth each time he fakes a “lingam materialization” from his mouth? Indeed, it is to get the artifact, already hidden in the cloth, into his mouth.
  • Why would any diety come here and go around fooling people with cheap tricks while collecting huge amounts of money from those deceived? Humanity's suffering has to do with its own karma - when heaven wants change, changes happen in no time. No deity comes here to do such cheap tricks and collect huge amounts of cold hard cash under the cloak of charity.



  2. People lik him will fool around as long as ther are fools to believe all this.....

  3. no human being can ever proclaim to b a God. we r all born as humans beings and need to do good in life to attain properity and peace of mind. These people involved in such scams should be behind bars.


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  7. I totally agree Prasanth lade,because even true videos can be proved faked in many ways, anyways why you believing or not on his videos? have you ever read his books?thoughts?views? nothing man, because thoughts make a person something, not other things, he never mislead you in anyways or tell you to believe some abstract views.
    Anyways thanks to increase his popularity..

  8. All of this "proof" even is speculative. Proof demands the existence of infallable evidence. Hearsay doesn't even hold up in a court of law- yet some of you all are believing such things because someone else said so? And yet, you'll condemn those who believe him him because of the same thing? Pot meet kettle.

    As far as the comments regarding him being a "demon", which is putrid religious nonsense, how many of you all are doing something to help mankind? How many of you all are making a stand amidst this world of suffering? None. Instead, you're condemning a man whose gave it all while in the comforts of your home in front of your computer.


  9. What is going on with that fake swamy? Some people can be fooled by his silly magic tricks but not all. If he is truly a great man with miracle powers, then why he does all these cheap tricks which are normally performed by a street magician. The secrets of his miracles are well known, but still he keeps doing it in public to fool more innocent people. Come on guys open up your eyes!!!!! There was bbc documentary which would of interest to you all- 'The secret Swami', which is indeed convincing.

  10. Hi,
    With new technolgy people who believe in this kind of conjurism and black magic are real idiots.

  11. Yes, only a moron makes him a god, he's just like a SHIT!!

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  13. Dearest Prashanth,
    Do you think, you need to prove anything for SWAMI? Truth always prevails. Swami says 'even if you don't like me, I'm still with you'. God bless those who are still in darkness.

    Who is GOD? one who stays with us always and even when closest of friends abandon us... Ask the poorest of poors, they will tell you what they got from swami.

    I'm really curious to see how many from this blog have guts to visit Puttaparthy and come back and give their views again here...

    jai Sairam and God bless all.

    1. Why he died before his said age? Why was there no resolution for his property after his death? Why he suffered like the sinners before death?

      Now we are waiting for his words of coming back again as 'prem sai' for some years..

      If this too comes out to be a false thing then you know very well your position. We will burn that prasanti nilayam

    2. He never had any property it belonged to the trust. He said to some closest devotees 30 years ago that he can also leave 10 years sooner or later Prem Sai is alreday born and start work in 10 years . Millions of miracles directly related to him have happenerd in peoples pewrsaonal lives have you investigated those???????

  14. baba is actually lord venkateswara of puttaparthi.i do not know what punyam did i do in my purva janmam bcoz of which i realized swami's divinity in this birth.swami is sarva dharma devata .he appears to us n satisfies us with our own devotion accordingly.the way that i became swami's devotee is all swami's will.i m an ardent fan of ms subbulakshmi.i didnt even have ny relation with music but one fine day i became a big fan of ms subbulakshmi just after hearing her kurai onrum illai song.i believe venkateswara is the supreme diety as i am a devotee of venkateswara of tirumala tirupati.after listening to ms subbulakshmi's bhavayami gopalabalam and other songs i just became mad behind her songs.divinity resides in her music.she is a supreme singer of india.
    after that i started doing research about mssubbulakshmi's life.whatever she did appealed me bcoz i developed that firm faith that ms can never go wrong.her devotion to god in her music was easily identifiable.then i came to know that ms subbulakshmi was a devotee of sathya sai baba n kanchi mother is also swami'sdevotee so that made me analyze more about her n swami's guru devotee relationship n bcoz of all this i realized the divinityof swami.later swami many times indirectly convinced me that he is sakshat the venkateswara himself whom i adore n pray.n that is the point of my life when i completely got faith on swami.baba is the same in tirupathi n now in puttaparthi.
    when i recollect all this events in my life i realize that it is all swami's play n his divine will.there is no other thing that gives more satisfaction to me in my life.i want just swami's company n thats it i m satisfied.he has been like mother always.n i pray to my mother like swami that he always keep giving me his motherly affection n love to me throughout
    thanku swami.
    but i have a deep desire in my mind which is very difficult as of now looking at swami's condition to get fullfilled.
    i always wanted to sing in front of swami the song entamatramuna evvaru talachina but i guess it is very difficult to get fulfilled bcoz swami is 84 now n he isnt interacting with his devotees like earlier n he has restricted himself very much.
    all that i pray to my mother is that plzzz never leave me

    i request all the other members who do not belive in swami that do not post ny harsh omments on swami.he is sakshat god in flesh n blood.plzzz go to puttaparthi if he wishes he will convince u with his divinty.he is karunakara n he is mother of all.his love is limitless n is just like a mother' love for us.infact he is out true mother n father .the name itslef says all sathya(true)sai(s+ai,in marathi ai means mother n sai means sarvanche ai mother of all)baba(in marathi baba means father)

  15. This motherfuckin' fraudster baba must be hung up by his ballz & shot in the face.

  16. Yes! He is a fuckin' asshole! He is nothing more than a pedophile. I still cannot understand how he's not in prison! Effin' fraudster.

    I am an orthodox tamil brahmin, so followers of that motherfucker neeed not go gaga over my comment :D

    I know every thing bout Hinduism & stuff.

    He's a fucking noobhead. Hope he dies very soon. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:P

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  18. I feel that even if Sathya Sai Baba is really faking it (which I doubt he is) it is not as if he is STEALING or ROBBING people.

    In fact, if you critics actually bother to look through the Baba scriptures, you can see that he is teaching everyone good values. It's not as if he is telling us to commit crimes or such.

    So don't be a kid and swear at this holy man. He has made a big difference in many people's lifes, be it psychological or not.

    By the way, he made many devotees BETTER PEOPLE, not thieves, so c'mon, you haters, get your facts right before swearing at Sai Baba.

    There are many other things in this world that deserves MORE attention and MORE worrying about in this era. Terrorism, global warming, and an increasing rate of corruption are just some of the dilemmas our Earth is facing.

    Instead of wasting your time and energy chiding Sai Baba (that video was 37 minutes long. Could you say wrong priorities?) and finding potentially harmful/offensive ways to prove your worth, why not focus your energy into saving Gaia, or maybe helping some charities, or something.

    Before you start shooting me down, maybe you'd want to read what I wrote...? :)

  19. @ human LMAO LISTEN TO YOURSELF DUDE. Hahahahaha you know about Hinduism and "STUFF"? Riiiiiiight. We totally believe that. Hah.

  20. call yourself a Tamil Brahmin...yes i can see from your language. BTW i am not a devotee of Sai Baba....but i have heard good things he has done to mankind. The moron here is telling he is a fake guru etc. Are you not? Haven't you fooled people around you including your own parents, siblings, friend. You are talking like you are a great saint and the rest who are with him feels they have not sinned and are pure. Are you? ask yourself first before you comment on others. Don't forget every human has the demon thing in him and if you are condemning another soul who have done good things to mankind in many are nothing but a demon from the the 17th hell disguising as human. May Lord Shiva bless all. Jai jai Ganehsa........

  21. Okie Let go by the statements in his support but why the **** he is not living a simple life as a saint.. Why the hell he is living a life that even top brass politicians envy for.... I too know many who do real service to the mankind, give divine lectures, but they dont proclaim themselves as gods...

  22. i dont beleive him....or consider him as god or anything ..the only good thing i find is those socila services including the one in medical fields

  23. Shankaracharya in his Moha Mudgara or Bhaja Govindam as it is called rightly says about these fake babas - "There are many who go with matted locks, many who have clean shaven heads, many whose hairs have been plucked out; some are clothed in orange, yet others in various colours -- all just for a livelihood. Seeing truth revealed before them, still foolish ones see it not." This Sai Baba is no spiritual guru. What he teaches is no where related to spirituality. Whatever happened to the questioning mind of Indian? Is this the country where zero was invented? Is this the country where Arthashastra was written? Is this the country where there were universities when the Europeans were still nomads?

  24. Rajesh said...
    People who comment upon others always have their heads open and their hearts closed.
    It is always better to have first hand experience instead of giving such worthless comments.

  25. if anyone has ever read what he has said,

    he proclaimed himself as Sai Baba, who has come to earth to show mankind that there is God in EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. that hatred is bad and that we should love all and serve all.

    it is because mankind is so stupid to a point that he has to perform miracles to convince us that he has come to do something right. i am also a tamil brahmin, but are all tamil brahmins doing what they are supposed to? Are we all doing sandhyavandhanam 3 times a day, eating only at home pure vegetarian food, and living a simple, austre life? NO.

    What Sai Baba has come to tell us is that within our modern day life, there is a simple way to see God. His message doesn't say pray to him. To summarize:

    If you are a Hindu, be a good Hindu
    If you are a Muslim, be a good Muslim
    If you are a Christian, be a good Christian

    Love all Serve All


  27. I have heard many stories about this Sai Baba. Sai Baba was challenged in the past by big time magicians like PC Sarkar and he could not counter it. I really agree with Nevis that Godmen like Sai Baba indulge in cheap tricks to be-fool people. These tricks can be done even by a street magician. Their moral character is also questionable.

    I therefore humbly request that the so-called supporters of Sai-Baba who have posted their views here in this blog, that they came out of their self-imposed slumber and awaken themselves to the truth and start view things in a rational and objective manner.


  28. Haritha, you are saying that there is minimum advertisement for Sai baba's charitable deeds. Aren't you advertising it. A word by mouth goes faster and broader than a word on a paper. What do you think of Mr. Warren Buffet (World's Second Richest Man) who is donating 85% of his wealth to Gates Foundation. Should we call him GOD? Mind you, whoever helps, teaches good, etc., cannot be called as God. God is a supreme power who has control over the universe, the sun, the moon, the earth, the water, the air, etc & etc.

  29. i just want to say that in India are thousands of "saints" " masters" but the real masters and saints, you can find in the streets, sometimes a woman or a man really simple, without any title of master, without living a life of superstar in America, like Osho, Jogi Bajan and Sai Baba...

  30. change demands sticking out your neck! who the hell is going to do that! india is in deep slumber and suffers from amnesia. the guys are inflexible and unrationalistic and thats why india is still a 4th world country (read WHO report 2010). @GUYS Who blindly go for anything..grow up! the only way to come over your insecurities is to question the authority. Talk of him being GOD.! funny.

  31. We can awaken only those who are asleep. No point in telling Baba bhakta-s that Baba is a fraud because even they know it, but are unwilling to admit it.
    Baba is a fraud through and through. His disciples know it, his associates know it, everyone knows it. Silence is not only golden, it is profitable.

  32. The Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe that it never existed. SB is definitely a character, but that doesn't mean he "has" character. To all the people who have blogged here, I don't want to point who is right or who is wrong. To all your conflicts there is one simple solution:

  33. u r god... dont believe any god agent... :)

  34. in this world all god mans are scams, please do not believe them, believe ur self, and also please open a blog for nityananda bastard..

  35. Can't believe all these. But these are strong proofs against that bastard. How come he is still not behind the bars for doing all these.

    1. Because nnobody has the power to put GOd behind bars . . . ..

  36. Where the hell does this demon stuff come from? I can understand if you think he's a fake (I don't know if he is or not), but what's with the Python from the 17th level of hell? Where do you get this stuff? Even *IF* such a cartoony thing were true, how in the hell would you know it? Are you a Christian? That would explain a lot.

  37. I never believed him since I was a child and I dont believe in any baba to be honest. Well, I am still a Hindu and still believe in Ramayana and Mahabharatha, I still keep awake during Shiv Rathris, but I always hated the babamaniacs doing bhajans early in the morning at 5am and disturbing the neighbours who work in nights and want to grab a little sleep till late in the morning. I dunno how I object them as I see all bigwigs of the town participate in the mania !! God help me. I wish someone puts an end to this. The videos as really entertaining and encouraging me as its proven that my belief in not believing this baba is right !! great work done people.

  38. You need to watch other videos where he produces so many charms and necklaces in a row and so much Vibhutti from thin air, no other 'props' around. These videos don't prove anything. In love. If you want to prove something go to India and have an audience with him. Watch it with your own eyes. People crucified Christ so it's no surprise that people will try to defame others making similar claims. It is human nature.

  39. I am wondering how people are beleiving on such fake things. Don't they ponder of a human. A normal human need food, need to pee, need sex. Won't anyone think of these? The only punishment for such fake bloody is death penalty. This type of criminals are dangerous for the human community.

  40. its always tough to do the right things.... rather ashamed at the language being used against this man, even if he is fake or not .... means those who used it themselves dont deserve any respect whether he does or not...

    as far as my views ... i dont say all "godmen" are true or false... some are true.... realise their value ....lot to least their teachings aren't fraud ... so atleast follow them ...

    everybody has their opinions .... lot of ppl follow this man very devotedly... he HAS changed lot of lives in a positive way....

    i agree there are lot of idiots around us.... but all are not.... so respect others opinions....thats more human.....

  41. He might hav changed the views of some persons.. tats good only... i m also happy for tat... but these swmijies need only benze car n 7 star hotels to stay... tats not fair enough.... if they r so pure at heart he can get one maruthi 800 and he can invest the 20 lakh of benze car for some orphans n he can help them in thier education... bt they ll never do tat... thy want laxury life...... those safron cloths r just fake...

    fallow good things.... wheter they r said by swamiji or by a laymen.... no need to treat them as god......

  42. the GOVERNMENT and police are in his pocket BABA U r a peace of shit ........

  43. Saints never roam around in fancy cars or set up trusts and the like. The best example of this is Shirdi Sai Baba. He lived like a fakir begged for food, cooked what he got from people and served it to the poor, distributed the money he got to people around him everyday and the next day was a simple fakir.

    Shirdi sai baba never said that he would take another incarnation, he simply said that my spirit will be around for ever and I have personally experienced this.

    I can never believe that the person in the video is a saint and can never call him Sai. He has foolishly also claimed that he is an incarnation of the Shirdi sai baba.

    I also know of other fakirs (who live in Vrindavan or Haridwar or the himalayas) and who wear simple loin cloths and are true gurus/saints. They have also informed their followers of this fake person going around calling himself God.

  44. nobody has power than jesus christ.....after god

    no swami no sai baba ....bull shit ....go and have a hair cut man....

  45. yeah he is doing good things to manking,,,and so done by mother shd we treat her as a dought she(mother teresa) is very respectful character in serving the mankind....

  46. Whatever you say, I have great love and respect for him as he has done a lot to help people and I know at least a 100 people who have got free treatment at his hospital in Puttaparthy and have recovered from serious illnesses. Please keep your views for yourself :) Peace

  47. Human nature being what it is, we all want to see miracles; whilst Sai has undoubtedly helped many people through his love, however, like others before him, the temptation was there to embelish upon his talents in order to create more interest. Egocentricity crept in.

  48. I have been healed by the man who you claim to be a fake! I do not worship him as a God but I believe in his divine teaching and values that he inculcates in his followers. He has never claimed to be God in any form but advocates peace. If one goes to his ashram in Puttarpathi, you will see follower.. white, black. muslim. hindu .. all coming together to follows principles of morality and divinity for a more peaceful life. If you see what he done for that rural community.. built a university, state of the art hospital... What has the man who has sat and written this hogwash done? Clearly he has nothing to do with his time other than molest others teachings. May swami bless him and guide him.

  49. Dear all...I am not a follower of any godman/godwoman.But I always appreciate such persons as they receive/collect money/wealth from those who have it & distribute it to at least few suffering people.We must agree one thing that these guys neither snatch money from anybody nor they trapped people for money & in my view 'devotees' are giving a tiny part of their blackmoney to these 'deits'.So it is better we must agree these 'deits' as the bleesed 'lawful' elements to collect & distribute little part of blackmoney to those very few people who badly need it.Anyway, we have to wait for time to realise the real temptation of these 'deits'for their 'charity work'...THANK U ALL

  50. This is propaganda at the meanest level.... and anyways why defame a person who albeit a trickster has done loads for the downtrodden...

    All religion is based on such buffoonery.. no exceptions.. starting from the oldest Animist to the Christian and to Scientology and whatever came in between.. People who have put this up and decry this, might as well bring in stuff explaining how Christ died, came back and flew away.. or for that matter any God or prophet in any religion..

    SB is a magician trickster or whatever, yet he has opened super specialty hospitals where poor are treated for free.. i would gladly call the producers/up loaders of these Gods in case they can do an iota of what he has done to help the poor....

    to conclude a good job, excellent propaganda but pointless, since any rationale person would never seek rationality in religion/faith :)

  51. i dont believe in god... i am an atheist...
    and i dont belive that sai baba is a god. he is just a human.. i respect him for all the good things he is doing to the society...
    but why he is performing this cheap tricks and saying he is god. there is no god (at least no proof... all the gods known to me is dead)

    if u r saying that sai baba is here to save the poor, you r wrong. to serve the poor he do not need to b a god..
    i will agree with the fact that he is a fraud.. and his devotees are fools..

    dont be fools.... please.... all of u got brains... think... and do not argue without thinking...

  52. SaiBaba..the smartest businessman ..

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  54. Gentlemen,
    Whatever the objective of this debate, and let Saibaba may be anyone you say, the truth is he helps people and people get help. my own sister's heart operation was done successfully and free of cost!
    Dont try to dig in to others, see what the society and commorn man getting out of it? May be many riches are paying him, in the same time its good for poor..Long Live Saibaba..irrespective of any magic or believe he does or people believe so...I value him as a great human...

  55. There is no god but allah hez the one and only and god is always image less. God cannot be compared to any1.. God is different from anythin. its not his preaches are good its that pple are innocent. these politician use these pple to mould pple's mind for the votes. even politician know these are fake and jus makin money. @all those who believe in his preaches. I challenge read quran once and you will surely come to know whats the truth. U believe it bcoz u really dono wats the truth if u really wanna know truth read quran.

    U can comment anythin here but if you wanna comment further first read quran if u find anythin wrong then I ll be ya's. jus state even a word which is wrong in quran then i ll quit.

    I challenge every1 there is no book which leads to peace in the country other than quran.
    quran is the only book which provides light to your life.

    Worship the creator not the creations. Creator of everythin mankind stones sky every single atom and molecules thats allah he is one and only

    he is the creator of heavens and earth. Islam is the path leads to success. its the light to your life. its the protection to your life its the only religion which protects you from al,l the evil doin.

    if every1 follows islam there will be peace there will be brotherhood there will be success in the life.

    No terrorists can be MUSLIM and NO muslims can be terrorist. Islam is the religion of peace love and humanity

  56. I consider Sai Baba as my guru - and I am sure as a non-devotee/ non-follower it is only fair that you have uploaded this video- but as a good human being (and a researcher that you are) can you please write you next blog on the good Sai Baba has done?
    A good place to start would be:

    You said - "The purpose of this post is 'bring facts' about the person to the reader's attention"... .bringing half the facts is not fair and not right.

  57. i am not follower of him...but he is spreading
    love and doing help to he is better than any politicians or jihadi terrorrists

  58. We have to saw this to all, we have a great Persnolality like SAchin Tendulkar is follower os sai baba ,,,what a funnyy ....they get boost from them and get famos in people and people get attract to follow him ,, one saint said one day will come where all the false guru will be exposed in public.

  59. Help to the needy can be given in many different ways. Doesn't always need to come from faking divinity. Please use your broad minds to think and you will realize the untruth about swamiji's.

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  61. I express my experience with SB. Once I had been to WF to see him. Waited for hours to meet him. I held an envelope with my problems written in it. He did not collect it from me. He moved ahead waving his hand in air. After a week a letter for interview came to me, for a Faculty post@ satyasai college Madanapalle. I thought I was blessed. the Next DAY i GOT A TELEGRAMTHAT THE INTERVIEW IS POSTPONED. tILL DATE i AM YET TO GET ANY FROM THERE !!

  62. people have got different opinions on this aspect. Surely among billions of people around the world SAI BABA is a name that is there for decades named as living god but how and why is he categorized as a living god, its just pointless to say because of his great thoughts, well if he wasn't showing that magic sort of things then he wouldn't have been anything. His approach towards people to establish himself as a living god was totally wrong where he used his magic skills to fool the world. If someone has to bring forward his thoughts it is not important that he must cheat others. what do you guys think, he has been doing so much of things, an easy money and fame. Sai baba is not the only one who has been running social organizations, there are so many people who have given out their best just to help the needy in the society, a complete selfless act but as of sai baba for everything he does there seems to be his personal interest of benefit. Why aren't those philosophers, social activists, people who have put forward contribution to make world a better place categorized as god. Insted why would a cheater like sai baba who is just there creating false impression among the people jus for name and fame is categorized as god.

  63. When I read all this and know all this I thank myself a million times that I was born a Muslim and follow only Islam a religion that is so much above this ugly perverse superstitious beliefs. Alhamdullilah.Long live Islam. I feel so sorry for all non believers.

  64. Lol..The religion of suicide bombers has it's share of superstitions. Have you not heard of 72 virgins waiting a murderous "matyr" in "Jannat"?

    And yes..this superstition is not certainly a conspiracy of Jewish-Christian Conspiracy.

  65. Theres something i would like to say to everyone who have written in this post and to the ones who will be reading this in the future. believe what u want to believe. but when u speak to someone else about it put an effort to ensure your not giving wrong information...
    The people who believe in him have their own reason to believe.
    And the people who dont are always given their freedom not to.
    But when u want to publish vidoes dont just pick one and stress on it.
    i too did my research about him.
    Visit the place once..u see a difference.
    try developing infrastructure of that kind in a place like that..
    u talk about people giving their black money...every donation made to him or his institute is accounted for and there is complete transparency to the dept that wants to check.
    try building a really tiny shop tat provides jus one meal to 10 families every single day...and advertize by mouth as much as u need...wait n watch how many helping hands u receive..or how long u can keep up...
    when u have the time..check the number of complex heart/neuro procedures completed at his hospitals for free...
    im not asking u to believe him...absolutely not...but do not speak of sumtin that u do not know...or are ignorant to see

  66. there are many more things i wud lik to point out and replies to comments made earlier..but u know what..its pointless talkin to people who think they are doin a good thing by criticizing others...good or bad...u dont believe in god prbly...but u do believe in life ? in pain ? in death ? rite ..... ?
    well then...think of doing sumtin productive with ur life...try n make a difference...may be small
    instead of hurting others feelings by talkin this way...try to do sumtin thats better or larger...when u achieve sumtin tat me..u wud really not bother to bring down someone...In short GROW UP...talkin bout opening ur eyes properly...! watch wat ur talkin bout...

  67. THIS IS A COMMENT FROM THOSE WHO FABRICATED & MADE THE SHROUD OF JESUS a complete fraud, the same VATICANS ILLUMINATI MAFIA. Their only work is to cause harm to other faiths by hook or crook. Their END IS NOT FAR.

  68. dumb asses...jesus christ never conjured up statues or stuffs....he was a pure a hindu by the way.....god is there...god will never proclaim himself as god...this man here is so sad that many malaysian's are his fanatic fans....look what happened to nithiya nantha...this old bugger has tricked millions...god never needs publicity...believe in is all we need...dont believe in such tricksters....doctors lawyers engineers...u guys studied and ended up under his!!

  69. All these idiots can live only in India.People should see the functioning of thier mind and then see the fact and act accordingly. Miserable people who have no way out puts thier faith on these gurs and other buggers who decieve people.

    Charity my foot ! they binge on charity for thier publicity and in India there is no scarcity of poor people.

  70. Sai is doing correct. He is not like Ravi Shankar Guruji. He is doing any activities only for money. I help only for rich people.He is not helping to poor people.Sai helping to poor and also for rich in different ways... i love sai..

  71. i dnt knw whm to be believed,bt i believe n hav faith in God! ! !

    Bt sum of top celebrities lik Rajnikanth,M.k kalaignar,N many industrialist why believe Sai babha?


  72. it is such a pity to find so many defenders of these kind of baba's. Guys how could one give his 'good teachings' as a reason of him being true.. well thats the only way he could come in the good books of people, he cant teach bad things and still proclaim Glory... think about it.
    Dont u see many bad politicians doing charity works to find favour in the eyes of the people.
    these videos prove a lot about his falseness but still some people are so ignorant about the truth.

  73. all these baba's who called themselves son of god or show stupid magic are nothing but frauds and i don't understand why people follow these baba's. Do we really need such babas who have become billionaire (from scratch to billionaire). Do we need such babas who are involved in sex rackets, sex scandals and other criminal activities.Do we need such babas who give mind boggling lectures that we never understood. Do we need such who says that they are son of god god? They say and we trust? Why we trust them? I think they have power, power here means not magical power, power means to convince people. This power make people to trust them and we people without giving second thought start trusting or rather worshiping these people. The biggest question is that WHY WE NEED SUCH BABAS? Wake people wake up these babas are nothing but fraud, dont trust them, instead trust yourself, trust your inner self, have trust in your abilities. You dont need magic to make changes in yourself, only your trust in oneself will change yourself and not magic will change anything. AWAITING YOUR REPLY ALL YOU MY FRIENDS

  74. Sai baba may be a fake or he may not be a fake. But in his name at least many thousands of people are trying to serve the poor and the needy which we are not doing... I was also not liking these Godmen. But, at least this man is doing some service to the society as i know myself that free treatment is being provided for the needy.

    We cannot be hypocrites. We all sell ourselves to get a job, get a seat in to freign universities, etc. Though he might be selling his tricks (not sure), the after effects is constructive and not destructive. Constructive deception is good.

  75. say baba may be trying to fools us, but to day his trust or his hospitals serving thousands of poor people. he is thousand times better than our politicians. at least he is using the money for the People where as our politicians not

  76. whoever over here supports him are blinded by faith.. i will claim to be a God Tomorrow and show miracles to prove that i have power.. preach the good values of life & try to make a good human out of every single person who believes in me .. CALL ME GOD! Will ya!!! .. It's all a SHAM!
    politicians, cops & local media are involved totally & completely as it helps promote tourism & western Money ... they just want your money!!!! ... Open ur eyes n smell the roses ppl of India and all over the world ..
    i l give u all something to thin bout .......What if u get to know tomorrow that there is no god and ur brought to the this world by an alien being as an experiment.... you l search for that god called Alien??????

    Ruben (Indian)

  77. these fake gurus are guiding innocent once into a wrong track.
    i dont understand why human dose not understand that they are self so much powerful because god resides in ourselves.
    if some one is really in search of god try to be realised through sahaj yoga(H.H.Nirmaladevi) n u will be your own guru u can even cure yourself n others too.

  78. Upload this video also:

    After this let others do comments

  79. This baba is just a cheap cheater and there are cheap people believe him..... at any point no one can become god, if he is so, then ask him why is he suffering. Karma is not applicable to god. So conclusion is, if any body calls himself as God or is accepting when others call him God, then he is no GOD but a DOG.

    - Thiru

  80. Sai Baba is for 100% not god.But his social work is too great.

  81. All his devotees are well learned professions.
    Some might be the idols of the people commented hear.Know one thing the amount of good things he has done for mankind is never match for a human being.He is godly in this and i will and continue to believe in him and his principles.

  82. Anyone who does magic (trick) is plainly trying to deceive. Be it for fun or for any other reason.

  83. By taking his name people are forming into groups and thereby serving other people.

    Devotees are performing good tasks, just because of group coordination.
    Its hard to do oneself alone.

    Leave about fraud and the person, but this is a great community. I would like to see the community alive. Don't kill the community by exposing these videos.

    let people serve others.(may be under his name but the good is being done).

  84. Saibaba is not even a cheap magician. Why can't he work miracles and cure himself now? Why does he need doctors to attend to him?

  85. I dont get it.. it is very very very clear from the video evidence that the person is faking the magical crushed ash, the necklace and the golden lingam..

    but can u tell me this.. have u heard of any reports of corruption or crimes against the guy.. ok he is (i beg ur pardon) using God's name. (FYI The original Sai Baba was also just a guy who was the reincarnation of the Supreme being like Krishna or Rama's )
    as i said, he is using God's name but he is not doing anything wrong.. believe u me, people become a better person under his guidance or belief or what ever u call it..

    Let it be, critics and use ur intelligence in finding out real flaws in the guy.. that would be the eye opener.. not this childish complaint. and by the way, I'm not a devotee of Saibaba, but feel happy when people take his name with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts..


  86. I don`t know He is God or not but I have faith in him because any how he is supporting thoudands of poor people in India providing them water, food as well as free medical. So atleast for them he is like a GOD. The person who helped you in bad times that equally is GOD for needy.

    No people perfect in this time everybody has to face the dificult time. In LORD KISHNA yug Noone believe that he is GOD that time he was just a common man with miracles...but nowadays we are beliving on LOARD KRISHAN. Same story is applied on every YUGA with every LORD to become LORD you should have some followers. Nowadyas people were told sachin tendulkar GOD of cricket.... its true to be GOD you should have some power and miracles then only fans and followers behind you its the feeling like the GOD.

  87. Guys..we can never change any followers of this fool..they are all blind..totally blind..i have seen many educated fools following him..he has changed these people's mind to that extent..I had a friend who is this fool's follower. She used to do food donations every week and i had helped her lot of times for this. I was really happy for the service she was doing. Later i noticed her being so arrogant and harsh towards people.I have never seen her helping anybody who came in need of help to her..Then i realised that she is doing all these services just for the upcoming birthday of pathetic..U are not ready to help ur fellow being..But u do food services to strangers...where comes spirituality here..Come on people open your eyes..Lead a normal life..God has given this life to learn from it..Live and learn..Dont waste your time for someone will get the peace only after all your learnings from this earth..Help the people around you to survive..Thats where the real happiness survives..

  88. Instead of doing such cheap things he can do some high level miracles...say he could have saved Japan from Quake and Tsunami..

  89. Real Story : One of my friend's dad had cancer and was in mid stage. Doctor had hope upon him.He was always in pain most of the time. Doctors said he can be treated with some chances.But being Sai Baba devotee he visited Sai Baba. Baba told him, he will live next 6 year. He returned and felt better. He thought, he is cured by Sai Baba. But after 3 months he died due to cancer.
    I just fucking hate this guy since then !! He took a life of a innocent person.


  91. this is all bull shit !!!!!! if it was so then how do u interpret the appearance of bibhuti at the "bhajan place" where baba is not present....and u r doing this to get cheap popularity....shame on u people!!!!!

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. whatever the good may be, the malefic deeds will never vanish. a persons life style can be analysed by looking into his death. a good person will have a good and easy death, like that of in the sleep. look how baba died, the worst death. well, you consider me as superstitious, but there is god in this world and we are not sure whether that god is good or not. this kind of people create apatheism in the minds of people. few of my friends are speaking about his charitable work, give me money i will be doing all the good things he did. he is just a transporter of money, and i will appreciate him for doing that transportation for well being of society. let me ask you one question. did he earn it? no, it is funded. there is a lot of difference in both. this documentry may be a staged one or fake, but , at least the enquiry and investigation regarding the accusation has to be done. justice has to be prevailed, well that never happens in india, right guys? being gay is not a disease. its hormonal thing, even the government has accepted it. but if you say that baba is gay, few of his followers will kill you. was being a gay is his fault? its gods fault. you know something? god is not perfect. his is still trying to become inducing bad in people and wanting them to react. everyone does bad in this world accordingly. but make sure that, your bad deeds doesnt harm others. this is where god takes over you. no one in this world do things without a purpose, the same with the god. he wants something from you, but he is a legal business man. u pray him, he will give u money. you give him your hair, he will bless u. i just dont understand where we are going. we do business in every walk of life. should we have to repeat with
    god? i dislike god for this thing. god should be untouchable when it come to greed, i hate greedy god. i love people who are selfless. follow mother theresa, follow vivekananda. they didnt ask for anything, selflessness is next to godliness. thanks for reading.

  95. many miracles are done by him. this is the statement from many of his devotes. he creates gold chain from thin air. produces a shiva linga from his body. i just ask him, many people are dying with hunger, these days.pls give them rice, pls create food from your stomach. can he do it. i bet he can never do it. acoording to sience, a matter can never be created nor destroyed, we all know this. if you look into the aleinism of god, god didnt create anything, he just transformed one thing into another. even for producing a child, there has to me mating and zygote formation. no one can ridicule this. babaji aaap kahan bhi ho, i still regret for beleiving you in my child hood, i show pity on my father for being his hardcore fan. deceiving people is not a miracle. helping someone is a miracle now a days

  96. FAke Fake
    Fake all Fakes! All tricks Shit him as an optimistic approach. He i'll never be god in his others generation waste fellow saying he is god. He is not god but he is mad since scorpion bite him!

  97. Sometimes we want to believe that god has sent someone to help us. That is when we are very weak and then some people take advantage of our situations.

  98. God doesn't exist. Religion is bullshit. Nuff said.

  99. I'd like to quote a line from the article 'Sathya Sai Baba' from Wikipedia:
    "Sathya Sai Baba said he would be healthy until age ninety-six and then die."
    That is, he said he'd live till the year 2023. If he's a great saint or god man or whatever to his 'blindly following' devotees, he should have said that he won't live for long time when he became ill. Sai Baba of Shiridi did that; he foresaw his death and told many of his devotees that he wouldn't live for a long time, just days before His death. I, believing Shridi Sai Baba, cannot accept that he's an incarnation of that great saint.

    But nobody can deny his social works. By not considering his fake and cheap tricks, he is one of the greatest philanthropists of India. For that sake, I pray that may he rest in peace.

  100. All the property should be under taken by government -- Jai Mahakaaal

  101. The other guys who did miracles 2000 years ago were lucky for they didn't have video cameras, BBC and You tube that time to expose the miracles happening in the middle east. World would have been a better place without them too..

  102. this is what the so called guru teaches his disciples.....sit all day, do nothing, only think of me.....just sing my praises and waste your valuable unproductive.....have no sense of purpose in life....never try utilise your own brain....remember you are not born with one....believe only in what i tell you....entertainment like magic tricks dont come for donate your hard earned money to that i can donate further and take all the credit.....and yes, keep your asses well oiled and ready....if you can do that, you have achieved moksha

  103. guys whatever he did might be wrong but the cause behind was noble...i have only one thing to say that he has a huge amount of property left behind..please make sure that out bhrast netaji...should not get a single penney out of it..use them for noble cause and keep his name alive.

  104. You're merely another God of a blog post who just criticizes this "divine" mans powers.

    People's beliefs are their own choices, and you have no say in that. To crush ones belief with a foolish post such as this is needless to say the least. The man has died, God, rather, God's messenger or not, why concern yourself with something you don't believe in, quite apparently?

    Easier said, typing from your computer, in the comforts of your own home. Believers could just as easily prove that "proof" you have is false. Miracles happen, even science can't explain most.

    Let the people and their beliefs be. We're all liars, and we're all hypocrites. You're one too, whether he was or not, depends on your belief. And at the end of the day, he did a world of good, and you've perhaps done none at all.


  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. I do not believe any god who dyes his own hair! LOL

  107. I never consider any man to be a god.

    Regarding SSB, let us keep that aside for a moment, that he claims to be a god.

    Now, look at the charitable work he had done as a simple man.

    1. At least 4 huge water projects. Around 8000 km of water pipes laid.
    2. Schools, where the fees is negligible.
    3. Hospitals (better than indian govt hospitals).
    4. Colleges and educational institutes.

    Just read the wikipedia page.

    If you keep aside the argument of how he does tricks or how he could claim he is a god... I think you would appreciate the charitable work he has done.

    Regarding his VVIP/politician followers. There are just there for the vote bank.

  108. Baba is sham and a scam...bloody trickster...good he died otherwise imagine how many more lives and people would have ruined.... im sure with all his godly and magical powers he could not beat death... what is the most convenient answer for his followers "baba is going to have a reincarnation, he is not dead, his soul has left for a heavenly abode" buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... you think we all are fools working out in this world, bloody bunch of losers!!! you can probably see him burning in helll!!! hahahahaaaa

  109. I don't know whether this baba was a fake or no, and I don't even care. I mean, who doesn't lie today??? No person on the face of the Earth is what we call "Doodh ka dhula" Everyone has committed sins. But look at the bright side of it! I completely agree to what Nutan Pagadala says. He has done a hell lot of social work! In the end what counts is the work that we do as citizen of our nation, for the betterment of the people! And HE has surely done tons of good work for the society, esp. the poor. I think that's what matters... :)

  110. Its ridiculous that we Indians take many shocks and much time to disbelief somebody. Sai himself told that he will die at the age of 95 and therefore didn't make his will. Somebody who doesn't know the future of himself, how can he know future of others? If he was God, didn't he know about the controversy that was going to take place. My dear Indians! its still not late, wake up! Ask for reason. Do reasoning in everything!

  111. If he is a god like you naive believers think, then why can't he fix the misery that is India? Is he too busy sitting on his throne doing cheap tricks or otherwise being chauffered around in his luxury cars?

  112. He did nothing positive for the world of any enduring significance. He simply played on the weakness and vulnerability of people for his own pleasure and material benefit. Yet he had the nerve to commanded such reverence. Pure charlatan.

  113. Jesus the Christ is the True God/Man. Jesus is still alive in Heaven. He comes to everyone who calls upon Him through God's Power. Jesus is the only way to be in God's Family and have Eternal Life. There is no other Way...that is the Truth.

  114. Community with Sai Baba's followers in the U.S. has restored my heart after loss. He says to stay where you are and do good. I love him for being who he is

  115. Hi All !

    No one , i mean no rational person can foget Sai Baba's service to humanity be it drinking water, hospitals or educational institions

  116. People who are saying sai baba as his thoughts...his thoughts are like help others, love all, do all good things for humanity. And i dnt think all these thoughts are bad for any human being.. He was n will be great by his thoughts

  117. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If Sai baba was truly a God, how did he die like a human? on the contrary, Jesus was cruxified as an atonment for the sins of mankind, died but was RISEN and he LIVES!!! Even death could not hold him!!

    People can do many good deeds...even like Mother Theresa who cared for the lepers but the forgiveness of sins and the salvation comes only through JESUS CHRIST!! no man can claim to forgive the sins of mankind except Jesus and the only way to life after death is through JESUS and not by any person or medium!!

    Read the Holy Bible and the truth will set you free indeed!!

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Firstly, I want to state that I personally do not believe in any person purporting to be/representing god, however I must frankly state that I am repulsed by people who try to question people's beliefs without adequate proof. I never did and probably never will believe in godmen, not because I'm smarter than the average joe, but because I was never really religious. I'm more of an agnostic, and not an atheist.

    To the author of this article: Who are you to question the faith of millions without any significant proof? What you have stated is just hearsay and cannot be construed as facts. The letter you claim to put forth as fact about one incident (among the many supposedly performed by Sai Baba) is barely proof since
    1. The link you provided to Prof. Bayerstein's article, is DEAD
    2. Such a letter can be easily concocted (Hell, I can easily put up a letter on the internet, to convince the ignoramuses, saying that Prof. Balderdash received it from Mr AnyoneIWant)
    3. If this entire incident was a fake, why not contact Mr/Mrs Cowan directly (the person who supposedly died or his wife)
    4. Who the hell is Prof. Bayerstein anyway??

    If you did have sufficient proof you would have gone to the cops or gotten it printed in some reputed publication and not harangue us through your blog.

    To other non believers: Its left to you to either believe it or leave it. But one thing I don't get is, why do you feel the need to berate others who do believe in him? Not everyone is as "intelligent/smart" as you. Some people just need to believe in something live their life. If Sai Baba can provide them the comfort of getting through their, not so rosy, lives, then why do you deny them that? They want something to believe in and if its not going to be Sai Baba, its just going to be someone/something else.

    And to others who preach about the superiority of their religion: Your religion was also led by men who were once considered godmen. Their life story is nothing but what has been written about their "so called" exploits. If they had lived today, you'd have called them fakes. For all you know, probably 2000-3000 years down the line (a long stretch of the imagination), Harry Potter/Frodo Baggins might be considered to be a powerful prophet who combated a demon called Voldemort/Sauron. So give everyone a break and back off. Live and let live.

    To any believer: Its your choice and power of conviction makes you believe in him. I know you are intelligent and smart, and can weigh the pros and cons of worshiping a godman. If you want to continue/stop worshiping the man, its your god given choice and right.

    Also, please note that, all my references to Sai Baba are with the knowledge of his demise in 2011.

  120. Hi
    I have been harassed by his devotee(my husband) physically and mentally after giving birth to a baby also.He is a psycho and a sadistic person..I am very much afraid of some sai devotees....

  121. . .. To recognize GOd as God is grace. Its not an honor freely given out to just any soul. Do lots of Punyam and maybe some lifetime God will someday again in human form and all you disbelievers can earn the right to recognize HIM

  122. साँई बाबा उर्फ चाँद मियाँ बकरा, मुर्गा, मछली खाते थे और बीड़ी चिलम भी पीते थे और तो और गंदी गंदी गालियाँ भी बकते थे. फिर भी मूर्ख हिन्दुओं ने उस दो कौड़ी के तान्त्रिक को अपना भगवान बना लिया.
    अरे मूर्खों जरा सोचो हमारे ऐसे कौन से भगवान हुए हैं जो माँस खाते थे और बीड़ी चिलम पीते थे?
    वो कहा करता था 'सबका मालिक एक' और ये भी 'अल्लाह मालिक है'
    क्या आप लोग ये भी भूल गये कि हमारा धर्म कहता है "अहिंसा परमो धर्मा धर्म हिंसा तथैव च" फिर ये मूक जानवरों को मारकर खाने वाला हमारा भगवान कैसे हो सकता है?
    जागो मित्रों जागो
    साँई एक पाखण्ड के सिवा कुछ नही है..

  123. very Nice! Download Sai baba latest image:

  124. My English is not good enough, but I will try to say this: I have experienced a series of false promises from Sai Baba, a series of harassment in dreams, a series of nightmares that continue to this day, after years of devotion. I don't think he's just an ordinary deceiver, but something much worse - a real demon, quite strong. But God is stronger than him.

  125. My English is not good enough, but I will try to say this: I have experienced a series of false promises from Sai Baba, a series of harassment in dreams, a series of nightmares that continue to this day, after years of devotion. I don't think he's just an ordinary deceiver, but something much worse - a real demon, quite strong. But God is stronger than him.

    I can’t believe my genital herpes is really cured, oh is by this time last year I start feeling bad about my life, I feel pain everyday of my life am very happy now that am really cured I couldn’t have do this on my own I wish is not God that help me with my helper I was searching the internet about this sickness last 3month when I found about great doctor wealthy, the man that keep his words I write the man email about my problem immediately I get a reply from him asking me to fill a form which I immediately did and send back to him after some mins he reply me that he have work on my cure that I need to provide some materials, which can enable him to work on my cure which I did on the next day of it, after some hours he inform me that he have getting the things needed for the cure and he is about to go on with the curing spell he called me again after 50mins that he is done with the cure that I should check my body and also go for test I cant believe I was negative a big thanks to him am very happy now with my family you can also get your self cured too from this sickness by contacting him through his email: or whatapp +2348105150446 follow his instagram @wealthylovespell1 He also have a herbal cure for 7 other DISEASES;
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