Friday, May 22, 2009

Mafia like Violence against Critics


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Those who have attempted to criticize and expose the deceptions of Sathyanarayana Raju have met with strong and often violent opposition from devotee circles, especially in India.[5] Basava Premanand, one of India's leading fake-guru busters stated based on his research that evidence proves the self-proclaimed "god-man", Sai Baba, is not just a fraud, but a dangerous sexual abuser. His statements enraged some of the holy man's supporters. To date, Basava Premanand has survived four murder attempts and bears the scars from several savage beatings. In 2004, his house was burgled again. He states the purpose of the assailants was to attempt to destroy the evidence he collected against the god-man for 30 years.[103]

Conny Larsson, once a close devotee of Sai Baba for 21 years and Leader of the Swedish Sai Baba organization says he continued to believe in the baba despite having experienced sexual abuse at the hands of the baba. He broke away from the movement, later , outraged on witnessing the baba's behaviour of a sexual nature with a young boy and then the boy's own mother who was waiting outside being deceived by a sleight-of-hand "materialization". Larsson states that when he dared to speak out: "I was threatened that I would be shot when I should go to Poland. And now one has tried a new tactic, from the Sai movement, and that is to send out messages about me saying I am a convicted pedophile. They have, so to speak, turned around the entire problematic and say that what Sai Baba is guilty of - pedophilia – is what I am guilty of. I and the other guys who have dared to speak out – it is us who are pedophiles. And they have send this announcement out across the globe. And Sai followers believe it."[104]

Commenting on the issue, Sanal Edamaruku states: "The media[in India] is scared, basically. For example when the big scandal about SB’s sexual abuse on people arose. And look at the Indian media. There was only one newspaper from New Delhi which produced the story. People are so afraid, so scared because he is politically powerful and his influence is so real and he can damage if he is criticised. Anybody (who) criticises is eliminated, or attacked or cornered or isolated. Having a press conference on SB’s 70th birthday, the very next day I found that my car parts were removed in the morning so that I could simply have an accident. It could look like a coincidence. Such things happened several times, but we are not afraid. We are not going to be cowed down by that thing. We’re waiting for that time that people come out openly and expose this cheat."[105]

.....A Spokesman for the BBC spokesman told Asian Voice: "The profile of Sai Baba went to great lengths to be balanced and fair, and did not simply concentrate on the negative allegations."..."As the research developed it became clear that the film was about a crisis and ultimately a betrayal of faith. Genuine Sai Baba followers like the Rahm family have had their faith shattered in the most disturbing manner. The man they believed to be God was repeatedly sexually abusing their son. All over the world similar stories are emerging from former devotees. Governments around the world are deeply concerned and are beginning to take action warning their citizens about Sai Baba."..."We were very keen to cooperate with the Sai Baba organisation in the making of this film, offering them many opportunities to take part but they refused. This was in no sense an attack on the faith. I believe the film showed respect for the genuine believers, and it would have been remiss of the BBC not to examine such allegations. A stance we’ve taken when similar charges have arisen within other denominations."[93]


  1. In your heart you also know what you posted is not true.Why do you want to degrade a person who has given so much love to mankind.It hurts when I read this post.

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