Friday, May 22, 2009

A most decietful smoke screen, cunningly labelled "charity."

Countless souls, humans and families have been destroyed so that this demon may lead a wretched luxury life. Gods have annihilated the wretched demon to such a great extent that it will never be able to stand on its legs again.

The so called charity is a way bringng money intoits pocket - and of creating a smoke screen of "charity" which will ensure that more money will keep flowing in . A small village became a religion-business toursim sport. People there started finding a way of livelihood out of this. Trinkets which slowly produce ash upon contact with air, fake set-up miracles all soon became part of the show. 

According to The Times:"Sai Baba is being challenged on another more prosaic front. Questions are being asked about the fundraising techniques employed by his followers. Some are accused of targeting vulnerable rich people and claiming that the miracle worker might be able to cure the afflictions of old age." The Times reported on the case of Clarissa Mason, the second wife of the film star James Mason: "When Clarissa died of cancer in 1994, she willed a large part of her late husband's £13 million estate to the cult, although, due to a dispute with Mason's children, Portland and Morgan, who contend that the estate was not hers to will in the first place, it will be some time before the cult can hope to see any of the Mason millions. Clarissa Mason believed utterly in the powers of Sai Baba, filling her house near Lake Geneva with pictures of the "godman". Her legacy has gone to a trust whose beneficiaries are believed by Mason's children to include a follower of Sai Baba." Joseph Edamaruku states: " He raises enormous amounts of money from India and around the world. We do not believe claims that it is spent on hospitals and charitable works." [27]  - Wikipedia

The water project was started because tourists there started complaining of dystentry etc. And to bring in water supply and advertise it as charity was the best business move for these thugs. 
The below is quoted from The Findings:

"...This I believed until I was shown a Telegu newspaper with a front page feature article showing photos of villages with no water, broken pipes, no pipes, pipes and no tanks, and many with nothing at all. The headlines translated, read


I went to some of these villages within the project radius and found for myself that the report was correct. My questioning local businessmen in the area revealed some interesting information. General opinion concurred that the project had been set up because the ashram had many problems with it’s own insufficient well supply; one of which was constantly recurring gastric disturbances, particularly with foreign
devotees. Request for permission to lay a water pipeline to the ashram fell on govt.’s deaf ears, the response being that unless villages along the proposed line could also be supplied, permission would be withheld. Hence the huge global fund raising, which also perplexed me - having been indoctrinated with the ‘no fund raising’ policies given out by Sai Baba. Within twelve months an effective pipeline to the ashram and
a selection of villages was established, and then the work stopped. At my
consternation at being of told this scandalous situation, the village elders simply shrugged their shoulders saying “What can we do?” " - The Findings

This is no isolated case. Sb repeatedly urges people to donate money to him. Thehelka reported of the case of an elderly lady who was cheated our of her own house:

"An interesting case was that of a former devotee from Vijayawada, who donated a building to the trust. She had written in her will that the building was to go to the Sai Baba after her death. She was 55 years when she wrote the will. The trust authorities waited for five years, and then wrote to her family asking it to hand over either the building or its revenue. The problem was that the devotee was still alive. "When I tried to take the donation back from the trust, no court or magistrate was ready to hear the case or give me justice," said the donor. She is on her deathbed and she despises the Sai Baba and all he stands for." - Sathya Sai Central Trust: grab as grab can, Tehelka Report

The police in the place are also dependent on this wretched business for their livelihood. They never register any case on Sb and if someone approaches them with a case, they are threatened out of the town by the police themselve who recieve huge amounts of money fron Sb's mafia. The below is a report where a youth attempted to file acomplaint for kidney theft against Sb's hospital. His Dad passed away as a result of the debachery that he had to suffer at the hospital.

"Hydrabad Nov 4, 1999 : Justice G Raghu Ram of the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday admitted a writ petition seeking initiation of criminal prosecution against the doctors of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Puttaparthi in Anantapur district, alleging malpractices regarding the transplantation of a kidney. The writ petition has been filed by Balaji Triambak Rao Karavande, who has alleged that the doctors of the institute removed a kidney from his body and did not transplant the same to his father. He informed the court that after this revelation, he lodged a complaint with the Latur (Maharashtra) police, who in time, exhumed his father’s body and conducted a postmortem, which confirmed that no kidney transplant had taken place. He alleged that the police at Puttaparthi did not register the complaint and he was thrown out of the hospital when he confronted the doctors with the relevant documents."  - The Findings

More reports can he read here.


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  2. Come on, he was just an ass hole. It is the fault of the people in India and abroad to put such jackasses like Sai Baba on a pedestal. You get what you deserve if you revere magicians and criminals.

  3. There are cults, and then there are really strange cults and then there are sinister Cults ! One such sinister cult Organization is one run by cult leader “Sai Maa”.

    My Ex boyfriend is a member of Sai Maa we were together for four year and were very seriously in Love but then Sai Maa destroyed everything we built, our home our future everything lost. He spent thousands of dollars on Sai Maa’s retreats and received money. I loved my ex boyfriend our love was unique but our unique problem that we had was with Sai Maa…. When i would try to speak with my boyfriend, he changes completely behavior….he become really aggressive! I was in front to a crossroads ….I had choice either to break the story and leave him in this jail or try to help him? What Sai Maa does to them to convert them and have them disconnect with their families that love them is plain out SICK! She likes to play with the minds of weak people! She creates a mental perimeter to her victims that remains trapped inside. She preys on the weak the way all fake guru’s do. She is greedy, money and power hungry.

    Each of its members are brainwashed into believing this woman is there savior and can only help them with what ever issues they may have. Nothing and I mean NOTHING gets in the way of there devotion to Sai Maa, you can ask them to pull back and take a break from Sai Maa and the answer will always be the same they are not going to turn there backs on the world of energy and the spirit of Sai Maa. Sai Maa is there Core, it is who they know themselves to be. They follow her around the world from country to country and travel for her. They spend little time with the ones they love the most because they are on conference calls all the time and traveling for her. It is very very Creepy. The things my ex boyfriend told me was very creepy and sad at the same time.

    She is more real to each member than there own body, or the clothing on there backs or even there own Personality! They can not be realistically be in a relationship with someone who does not accept, embrace or rejoice in the devotion of Love to Sai Maa. It’s not possible for them ! Like Robots they are Wired to the Core. It’s a HUGE disconnect for them if the other person is not into Sai Maa in some way. There is absolutely no future with any of the members of Sai Maa if you not willing to go down that road, if you are not aligned internally & spiritually. THIS IS A FACT! Doesn’t get clearer than that for them. For them it’s very simple, “Everything is Maa”. Which what one of the sickos in the organization once told me! All the disciples of Sai Maa practice like this all the time without fail.

    Sai Maa always wants you to join their organization and then you have to do all this what they call “SAVA” which is donating your time and working. which is pure free labor. Sai Maa never washes her dishes, never does her own laundry, she has people do this for her because she is “HOLLY” and her body needs to be preserved. She has even had young people touch her breast to confirm that she is ageless, to look at her naked body and to tell her face to face that she is beautiful and that she doesn’t look her age!
    Sai Maa is NOT LOVE
    Sai Maa is a FRAUD of LOVE
    Again the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!

  4. The other problem about Sai Maa is her swami, “Swami Parameshwarananda” who is in fact Jewish but has been compared to a nazi at the Crestone Ashram! Devotees paid for two (2) $1 million dollar properties in Crestone, Colorado!! His daughter who also works with Sai Maa and is an obedient devotee disciple who dedicates her life to Sai Maa “Becky Morrison film producer of the Light” Swami Parameshwarananda went after people, with threats of calling the sheriff, if they did not fall in line with his myopic dictates. He was more worried about getting POA approval for more beds than being a decent human being — which means he was status hungry. Again Greed! Each person that meets Sai Maa pays from $2,500 to $4,950 per course just to visit and see her plus there is hotel and flight. Each Person!!! The program is limited to 30 participants. $4,950.00 x 30participants = $ 148,500 FOR A WEEK!
    Thats a lot on money & a lot luxury for Sai Maa with all her homes scattered around the country plus expensive cars and Slaves! Each member receives an allowance of money this is very true. Sai Maa’s need for money is huge.

  5. I have to say, I did at some take a few courses with Sai Maa for some time and frankly they are without a doubt a Cult.

    I have a friend who’s life was in great chaos and crisis but after she continued for a few years with Sai Maa I noticed she began to lose family and friends to the destructive brainwashes of Sai Maa and her disciples they literally tore her apart and ruined her live.
    They turn people into Sai Maa fans and you see it on some of the faces of the people who work for Sai Maa. These people are called Sai Maa Robots, they are wide eyed entranced almost psycho looking people. The link below are photos that show the insane fans of Sai Maa and the people that get high from being Fans of hers.
    They even assign there robots to coach people, to turn them into Sai Maa fans. To only trust Sai Maa. They tell you what to say how to respond to Sai Maa how to stand, how to bow. What to eliminate from your life including loved ones. Encourage dependency and conformity. It’s a Mental torture crafted to change your mind to basically copy each other, there is no personality, they just copy each other. I watched all this for awhile while attending courses at Sai Maa and at some point had to leave because it was just too crazy.

    This organization makes even the most intelligent people turn stupid and subject them to what they want you to do. Sai Maa will not set you free even after you complete a course. You will be forced upon by the stupidity to proceed further. Sai Maa members insanely force other people to join not caring about the kind of impending mental impact. They send out tons of emails and you get phone calls as well. I feel pity for the young people, that are manipulated and talked out of their ambitions and goals. All their dreams and conceptions of life so far would crash to nothing.

    Sai Maa is not just a scam. A scam just takes away your money. But this one can be dangerous and can destroy your relationship with loved ones and your family.

  6. Just crooks operating under another false identity. Sooner the Westeners reaise this the better. These crooks are too lazy to work so they devise such schemes to con the ordinary people.
    What these crooks need is a good whipping and strapping then made to go out and actually work for a living rather then robbing ordinary gullible